So what are we all about?

Booth less Booth

In simple terms, we are a photo booth company with a twist. Our photo booths are freestanding, booth less photo booths. As you can see in the pictures on our site, we do not have an enclosed booth.


Open freestanding booths take more photos per hour than closed style booths. Our booths allow for over 15 people to take part in the action in front of our cameras. We not only boast with a modern slick photo booth but we are the first photo booth company to employ Photainers ™. Photainers™ are entertainers who entertain crowds with photography.

Small Portable

Our booths are so small that we use them for brand activation in stores and shopping malls. We can move our booth without shutting it down and set up takes no longer than 10 minutes. We boast with an awesome range of props and we have plenty of extra services on offer to enhance your event.

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